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Registration or extension of a temporary residence permit for expats/foreigners

Temporary residence permit in Ukraine validity term from 12 to 36 months

Service cost
  1. Registration or extension of a temporary residence permit for expats/foreigners - 3000 UAH.
  2. The time frame for processing/renewal of a residence permit forexpats/foreigners in Ukraine is 10-15 days.

The simplest and legal way to obtain a temporary residence permit is to obtain a work permit in Ukraine
1. Registration of the company (enterprise, LLC) in UkraineMore details
2. Obtaining a work permit (valid from 12 to 36 months)Click here
3. Obtaining a visa D at the consulate of Ukraine (citizens of the CIS and Georgia do not need a "D" visa) and entry to Ukraine.
4. Obtaining a temporary residence permit.
5. Registration at the place of residence (residence permit).

Other grounds for obtaining a residence permit

The list of services for registration of a temporary residence permit includes:

  1. Legal advice on all issues of registration of a temporary residence permit in Ukraine for expats/foreigners;
  2. Legal examination of documents that must be submitted for the registration of a temporary residence permit for expats/foreigners (including certificates, the terms of their validity, etc.).
  3. Verification, preparation and submission of all necessary documents (applications, motions, etc.);
  4. Payment on behalf of the client of all state duties and fees;
  5. Submission of documents on behalf of the client to the State Migration Service;
  6. Accompanying the client when personally obtaining a residence permit at the migration service;
  7. On behalf of the client we issue a health insurance policy.

Additional costs (optional):

Translation of the passport + notarization400
Execution of the policy of medical insurance for 1 year850
Execution of the policy of medical insurance for 3 year1600
Official payments and fees900
Translation of other documents + notarization from400

Main Grounds for obtaining a temporary residence permit:
  1. Work permit in Ukraine.
  2. Participation in international technical assistance projects.
  3. Foreigners who arrived in Ukraine to preach religious beliefs (preachers, missionaries, priests, etc.).
  4. Participation in the activities of branches, representative offices, offices of public (non-governmental) organizations of foreign states, etc.
  5. Work in representative offices of foreign companies. (service for the registration of a representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine).
  6. Family reunion with foreign citizens who reside on the territory of Ukraine legally and have a residence permit in Ukraine (official employment, work permits, religious figures, correspondents, students, etc.).
  7. Marriage with a citizen of Ukraine. List of documents
  8. In addition, you can contact us

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Frequently asked Questions:

Question: Do I need to register a residence permit for citizens of countries for which there is a visa-free entry to Ukraine (EU countries, CIS countries, USA, Canada, etc.)?
Answer: If you sometimes come to Ukraine for a short time, then you do not need to. But if you are going to reside in Ukraine for more than 90 days, you will have to obtain a residence permit. After obtaining a residence permit, you can come to Ukraine at any time and you will not be limited to the terms of stay in Ukraine for 90 days.

Question:Can I get a residence permit through your company and register as a private entrepreneur and be a payer of a single tax in Ukraine?
Answer: Yes, after obtaining a residence permit, you can register as a private entrepreneur.
However, you can enjoy the benefits of a simplified taxation system and pay a single tax can only after obtaining the resident status of Ukraine.

Question: Can I get a residence permit in Ukraine and enter Schengen countries without a visa?
Answer: No. Visa-free travel to Schengen countries and other countries is only valid for Ukrainian citizens. But, having received a residence permit in Ukraine, you have the right to apply for a visa to embassies that are located on the territory of Ukraine. Based on our experience, we can say with confidence that in most cases in Ukraine there are more loyal conditions for applicants for visas for entry into the Schengen countries, the USA, Canada and other countries. The only exception to this rule is that you are a citizen of a country with a high risk of immigration.

Question: You helped me get a temporary residence permit (I am married to a Ukrainian citizen). Can I now get a job?
Answer: The temporary residence permit does not give an unconditional right to work in Ukraine. When you register for any job you will have to get a work permit.If you need help with obtaining a work permit, you can contact us

Question: I received a temporary residence permit (work permit) through your company. Can my spouse and children receive a temporary residence permit? For how long?
Answer: Yes they can. Your spouse can obtain a temporary residence permit on the basis of your residence permit. Children under 5 years fit in with your residence permit, children from 5 to 16 years fit into your residence permit and their photo will be attached. Children older than 16 years are issued a separate residence permit on the basis of the residence permit of one of the parents.
Residence permits for spouses and children over 16 years of age are issued for the duration of the parents’ permit.

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