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Legal tax advice

Tax services are rendered to both legal entities and individuals.

Legal services to protect the interests of taxpayers

  • Legal tax advice
  • Representation of taxpayer interests before tax authorities
  • Representation of interests in tax inspections conducted by the authorities
  • Appeals of decisions of tax authorities in administrative proceedings
  • Protection of taxpayer`s rights in administrative courts on tax disputes with tax authorities
  • Reimbursement, refund of overpayment of taxes, including VAT.

Services are rendered in following tax disputes:

  • Conducting economic activity with fictitious companies
  • Fictitious and bona fide deals
  • Discrepancies with the tax inspection database on the results of automated comparison of tax liabilities and tax credit in the context of the client`s counterparties
  • Cancellation oof state registration of constituent documents of tax-paying counterparties
  • Initiation of criminal cases against officials of tax payers or their counterparties
  • Appeals of illegal tax consultation, which contradicts the current legislation and violates the rights of the taxpayer
  • Inclusion in tax expenses expenses for:
    1. advisory and and management services
    2. marketing
    3. engineering
    4. receipt of services and goods with transfer prices
    5. services provided by non-residents
    6. other expenses NOT related to the economic activities of the taxpayer
  • Collecting budgetary VAT refunds
  • Cancellation of registration VAT payer
  • Refusal to register (reject) tax invoices in the Unified Register of Tax Invoices

We help in tax disputes - we defend the legitimate interests of the client

  • We study documents to determine the validity and legality of actions decisions and decisions of the tax authorities
  • We are negotiating with inspectors
  • Pre-trial settlement of the disputes
  • Preparing objections to the tax audit report
  • We appeal against the actions and decisions of the tax service in the administrative procedure
  • We appeal against the decisions of tax authorities in court
  • We defend the interests of the taxpayer in the administrative court
  • We prepare procedural documents for invalidation of tax authorities` decisions::
    • statements of claim
    • responses to claim
    • appeals, cassation complaints against court decisions

We dispute decisions of administrative courts on tax disputes in higher courts

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