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All ready-made companies are registered for the purpose of further resale

Law Firm "Yurinkom" offers ready-made companies.

Shelf companies for sale

All ready-made companies are registered for further resale.

The companies that we sell differ from other offers:

  • Enterprises did not conduct any activities, except for some basic minimal turnovers, which were necessary for registration by a VAT payer.
  • Ready-made companies, which were registered more than one year ago, had one-time turnovers in order to avoid cancellation of VAT payer registration.
  • All businesses are properly registered: no registration on homeless people and "dead souls".
  • The certificate of the VAT payer is received legally.

If any of the following businesses suits you, you can contact us and buy it back.

The procedure of buying a ready-made company is very simple and consists of several stages:

  • Choose a ready-made enterprise from the list.
  • Provide us with the documents that are necessary for re-registration of the ready-made enterprise to your founders and director.
  • Submit a new legal address or use our legal address.
  • We prepare the documents necessary for re-registration to your founders.

After re-registration you get the full package, which is necessary for full work:

  • extract from Single State Register;
  • certificate of status;
  • Charter
  • Act on the acceptance and transfer of corporate rights
  • minutes of the founders' meeting on the establishment and minutes on the change of founders and appointment of the new director;
  • statement and register of VAT payers;
  • copies of tax returns;

List of ready-made companies and enterprises, which are registered in Kiev and offered for sale:

Additionally paid:

  • Notary services for Charter certification - 500 UAH + 150 UAH for each additional founder.
  • Notary services to certify the minutes of the meeting - 400 UAH +150 UAH for additional founder.
  • Notary services for the certification of the Act of acceptance and transfer of corporate rights - UAH 700/1 founder
  • State duty (administrative fee) - 650 UAH per change of director.
  • State Duty (administrative fee) - 650 UAH for change of founders.
  • The cost of the legal address, which is purchased from us (4000-4500 UAH in the cost includes annual service).
  • If re-registration to your address occurs at the same time, you will be charged additionally 500 UAH.
  • Reregistration service of a ready-made company - 1200 UAH.

We reserve the right to refuse to re-register any of the businesses offered for sale to alcoholics or homeless people. The service is provided only for clients who intend to conduct legal business in the future.

We do not consider an offer to sell the company with our director or with our founders. The sale of the company is only possible if it is re-registered to your founders and your director.


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