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Registration company with foreign founders (participants) in Ukraine

The cost is 2300 UAH

Duration: is 3-5 days.

For those who are in a hurry, we offer ready-made enterprises that can be purchased and in which you can easily change the directors and start working right away

On the territory of Ukraine, any foreign legal entity or an individual can be the founder of any enterprise (company). There are neither restrictions on the size of the statutory fund, nor on the composition and number of founders.

We recommend set up enterprises with foreign founders in the form of a limited liability company.

The complex of services for the registration of an enterprise (LLC, company) with foreign founders includes following services:

  • Advising on the possible options for taxation
  • Help in selecting the name and its eligibility
  • Preparation and printing of documents
  • Registration in the state register with payment of fees
  • Registration in the Pension Fund
  • Registration at the tax inspection
  • Assistance in the selection of the type of KVED 2012 (classification of the type of economic activity)
  • Assignment of the KVED 2012 and its registration with payment of fees
  • Assisting the client with opening an account at the bank
  • Registration of the bank account with the tax inspection
  • Unblocking a bank account.

Additional costs (optional):

ServiceCost in (UAH)
Notarization of the statute with 1 founder400
Notarization of the statute with more than 1 founder400+ 100 for every additional founder
Notarization of power of attorney (each founder)400
Preparation of a package of documents for opening a bank account (copy of the statute, sample cards with 1 signature)500
Registration of the LLC with 3 or more founders500 for each (starting from 2 founders)
Registration of the LLC with a non-resident company800
Official company address4000
Registration by the payer of VAT600
Registration by the payer of the Single Tax600
Registration in the Kiev region (over 20 km from Kiev)From 1000
Stamp production400
Interpretation and translation services500

Documents to be submitted by the foreign founders:

Individualsmust provide a copy of the passport. If a foreigner has a tax code assigned in Ukraine, a copy of the assignment certificate is provided. If the future founder is not assigned a tax code, then it must be obtained before the start of the procedure of the enterprise registration. The procedure for assigning a tax number takes from 3 to 5 business days and costs 800 UAH. The future founder does not need to travel to Ukraine in order to open an enterprise (LLC, company) in his name. He can issue a power of attorney and all procedures will be performed on his behalf.

A legal entity must provide:

  • A document that confirms the fact of registration of a foreign company. Depending on the legislation of the country in which the company is registered, this may be the following documents: Certificate of registration or extract from the judicial (commercial) register; More in detail
  • A power of attorney for a person who is authorized to perform all activities related to the reregistration. More in detail

The taxation system in Ukraine, which applies to enterprises with foreign founders.

Enterprises with foreign founders are obliged to pay taxes in the same amounts and at the same time as any other legal entities in Ukraine. For such enterprises, there are no tax privileges, but, at the same time, there are no additional tax burdens.

The tax system in Ukraine is divided into two main categories: the general taxation system and the simplified taxation system.

The general system of taxation.Enterprises that are assigned to the general taxation system must pay income tax and value added tax. The basic rate of income tax for all types of enterprises, (incl. foreign founders) is - 18%.

Tax benefits for enterprises with foreign founders.As of today there are no privileges for such enterprises.

Simplified system of taxation.Any enterprise, (incl. one with foreign founders ), can switch to a simplified taxation system. (may be a subject to certain restrictions). A simplified system of taxation implies the payment of a single tax. Details on the single tax for legal entities.

Who can be the head of an enterprise (LLC, company) with foreign participants? The head of an enterprise with foreign participants can be a citizen of Ukraine, a foreign citizen who has a residence permit in Ukraine or a foreigner who has obtained a work permit in Ukraine.More on obtaining a work permit.
It should be noted that youcan obtain a work permitonly after registering an enterprise in which, at the time of registration, a Ukrainian citizen is appointed as a director. After obtaining a work permit for a foreign citizen, a citizen of Ukraine is dismissed and a new foreign founder is appointed.

In what currency can foreign investments be made?
Foreign currencies can be submitted by a foreign founder as an investment, if the preferred currency is attributed to freely convertible currencies. Today, such currencies include:Australian Dollar, British Pound, Danish Krona, US Dollar, Icelandic Krona, Irish Pound, Canadian Dollar, Norwegian Krone, Swedish Krona, Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen, Euro.

Services for the registration of enterprises with foreign founders are carried out on the basis of a public offer

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