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Representing the client`s interests in courts all disputes

Lawyers with many years of experience represent legal entities and individuals in courts of general jurisdiction, commercial and administrative courts (including appeals, cassation), at the stage of execution of court decisions.

We work with legal entities and individuals-entrepreneurs.

We are working on the resolution of legal problems in commercial activity and realization of economic opportunities by legal means.

Main directions of work

Representing the client's interests, we strive for pre-trial settlement of disputes or conclusion of a settlement agreement, which saves time and avoids the costs associated with the judicial procedure.

If it is not possible to resolve the dispute without judicial intervention, or if legal proceedings already exist, we provide the following legal services as part of our judicial practice:

  • Pre-trial settlement of disputes, including the participation of lawyers in the negotiation process with your counterparties and business partners to resolve the conflict situation and commercial dispute;
  • Legal analysis of a court case and court practice, legal assessment of the risks and prospects of its proceedings in court, taking into account recent changes in court practice; Representation of interests in commercial and administrative courts on a wide range of legal issues;
  • Representation of interests and protection of rights at all stages of enforcement proceedings.

We have a successful court practice of protecting the interests of clients in a variety of categories, both property and non-property, including disputes on debt collection, termination and invalidation of transactions, corporate disputes, challenging the actions and decisions of state tax and customs authorities, challenging the results of tenders and bidding, decisions of state authorities and local governments, land disputes; disputes on compensation of losses (real damage and lost profit).

Litigation practice is one of the main activities of our firm. The knowledge and experience accumulated by the lawyers of the Litigation Practice Department of our law firm allows us to provide our clients with high level and wide range of interest representation in court.

We offer stable and final prices for legal services without hidden payments or other "surprises".

Our advantages

  • 28 years of successful experience in providing legal services to our Clients
  • We prepare and deliver the whole set of documents by the date agreed with the client.
  • The result of effective work of the company is the trust and satisfaction of the Client.

We can help you identify the issues and tasks that need to be resolved to achieve your goal.
We will help you at all stages of the judicial process.

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